Most Common Insect Pests in Abu Dhabi and Some Best Pest Control Abu Dhabi Services

A survey in Abu Dhabi revealed that the foremost common Pest in Abu Dhabi are mainly two. One is bedbugs and and other is cockroaches, consistent with the corporate and residential, the leader in integrated services, and Waste Management solutions within the Gulf and publishes the Emirates newspaper 24/7. The waste management company alongside the website, conducted a web survey. They initiated a campaign to find out about the foremost common pest control problems in Abu Dhabi. The results revealed that nearly 80 percent of the issues in Abu Dhabi revolve around bedbugs and cockroaches. Most of the complaints were from residents of the Khalifa city, Mussafah , MBZ City , Al Reem and Abu Dhabi areas. Of all the complaints, 80 percent were about bedbugs and roaches. While 10 percent complained about ants and therefore the remaining 10 percent from spiders, snakes, and lizards.

35 percent of respondents used pest control services for his or her homes within the past three months

Abu Dhabi pest control companies use banned chemicals

Pest control companies are still spraying UAE homes with banned chemicals. These chemicals are also liable for a series of deaths in recent years. This week, authorities in Sharjah issued a warning against the utilization of unlicensed pest control companies. Earlier 45 of them caught and fined this year for the utilization of banned pesticides in homes.

Aluminum phosphide (highly toxic) remains widely used for pest control in apartments and villas within the country. “Strict measures are now initiating in recent years after several residents raised concerns about the security of chemicals employed by companies. Many of us died for several years et al. and most of us are now admitting ourselves in hospitals after inhaling these poisonous chemicals. “Jaffar Ali Jaffar, chief of Environment services in Sharjah municipality, told the 7days daily.

Last year, a three-week-old baby died after inhaling aluminum phosphide that had leaked into the family’s apartment through the ventilation holes during a neighboring apartment. In August 2014, a three-year-old Filipino girl died during an Abu Dhabi hospital where she was being treated for poisoning. In another incident within the same month, a Filipino died and five others were hospitalized after inhaling the highly toxic substance, which leaked into their Abu Dhabi apartment from a neighboring apartment whose tenant used the powder to kill rodents. After spraying the aluminum phosphide in his apartment, the tenant went on a summer vacation abroad, consistent with the police.

The most pest-infested areas of Abu Dhabi

“Pest infestation is common in Abu Dhabi. There are also a number of the foremost densely populate neighborhoods in Abu Dhabi. This explains why the utmost requests for pest control called up from these areas. ” While bedbugs and roaches remain a serious concern, accounting for nearly six out of 10 pest control complaints in Abu Dhabi, and Suburbs Area “This is especially because these places have many villas that are more likely to possess rats than apartments,

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