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The sitting and sofa furniture is vacuum cleaned first and with the power hose. We offer quality sofa cleaning services to minimize the structural and material damage to the furniture due to the use of chemical and hard-end products. Our team supervisor will remain in touch with the client. If you enjoy thrift stores and garden sales, it is best to clean and sanitize before bringing soft furnishings such as used sofas. Otherwise, you may accidentally introduce unwanted bacteria, odors, and pests into your home.
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Zippco General Maintenance LLC

Carbonated Cleaning mimics the natural cleaning that Nature does and ensures your sofa stays fresh. It takes only 4-6 hours to clean it. Only a small amount of carbonate cleaning solution is used and surprisingly one-tenth of the amount required for steam cleaning. Less water is required. Millions of gas bubbles penetrate the fibers and remove dirt and grime. Then team lifts it to a place where it is easy to clean. It also leaves a protective barrier on the surface to minimize dust and dirt build-up. Chemically safe dry cleaning products are made for all types of materials, including leather. The dry shampoo uses a unique encapsulation method that effectively removes dust and particulate matter while minimizing drying time. In fact, after cleaning the couch, you can sit down to watch your favorite TV show.