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Crawling Insects

Crawling Insects

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The pest hazards include all types of flying and crawling insects in any urban or suburban areas including home grown vegetation. With the ever so evolving species of insects it is imperative to perform effective pest control. In the worst case insects can be potential carriers of e-coli, molds, salmonella, yeasts, clostridia, streptococcus and other bacteria into human consumption items or contact surfaces.

The pest control can be done in two main ways:

  • The use of chemicals such as DDT as insecticide.
  • The introduction of another specie in the locality, developing the predator-prey pair. (Eco System)

The pest control specialists from Zippco General Maintenance perform a number of responsibilities from determining the severity of infestation to recording and analyzing the life cycles of different species present in land. ZippcoGM Pest Control Specialists are trained to evaluate the natural as well as encouraging factors raised due to malpractices of the land’s caretaker.

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ZIPPCOGM is a general maintenance Abu Dhabi based company. ZIPPCOGM has been providing services to homes, offices, apartments, villas, and companies across the UAE since its establishment. ZIPPCOGM believes in TOP Quality affordable service. 

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We, at Zippco General Maintenance, ensure the health and safety of our clients through effective and efficient methods to cleansing. We have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle any concerns related to Corona Virus spread.

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We are proud to be one of the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, widely chosen by customers. Zippco General Maintenance provides a hassle-free service by providing a scheduled maintenance.

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Technicians at ZippcoGM uses state of the art equipment with world-class training accumulated with the company’s experience enables them to take on any challenges in their respective expertise.

Upon diagnosis of problem, the team make schedules for treatment for existing pest control. While the pest management is done after careful analysis of surroundings and ecosystem around:

  • Cleaning the area from existing infestation
  • Managing food disposals
  • Chemical treatment of Water and swamps

We provide services for:

  1. Residential Pest control
  2. Commercial Pest control
  3. Termites Control

We also offer custom services according to our customer convenience.

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"Zippco Pest control has really helped our business. They took care of the mice issue I was facing for months. Many of my tenants wanted to leave. Thanks for the great service."
M. Idress
Building Owner

bird control services

Zippco General Maintenance

ZippcoGM offers a range of solutions to contain bird damages to the property. Our pest management services also deal with all bird-related pests resulting in fair control of bird entry into buildings using bird nests and other bird protection techniques. Birds can pose serious health and disease risks. Insect and bird infections are associated with E.coli as the food chain includes the consumption of mites, wasps, ticks, and flies.

  • Building Damage – Bird droppings contain corrosive acids, damage solar panels in buildings, and damage car paint. 
  • Air traffic Accidents are common in the localities where bird population isn’t regulated bird droppings on sidewalks and stairs are difficult to be cleaned by the sanitary worker.
  •  Debris and Spills: Air conditioners and other water sources are easily contaminated by bird droppings and can be hazardous to health. 
  • Ceilings – Birds can move through air vents in the building, causing noise and inconvenience. 
  • Bad Reputation: Overall give a bad reputation and can damage customer relationships.

pest and rodent control services

Zippco General Maintenance

Rodents, Rats, and mice feed on pathogens in their environment and other dead animals in unsanitary areas such as landfills, sewers, and drains. Then it can become a carrier of bacteria and spread dangerous diseases as soon as they enter your home. Some six hundred years ago Black rats and their fleas were the cause of the bacterial epidemic that provoked the bubonic plague in Europe. As many as 25 million people have died from the epidemic. Rats and mice can become infected with pathogens in a variety of ways, including:

  • The dirt they can come into contact with
  • Chewing every other material: Bacterial diseases Transmitted to pets and humans 
  • Salmonellosis Rats and mice are not only major disease-carrying pests but also cause serious problems in other ways. They deposit large amounts of contaminated urine and feces. 
  • Continued chewing can damage doors, foundations, furniture, books, food and other containers, cables, wires, and pipes. 

ZippcoGM manages rodent control by reducing the population and treating the source and breeding places through chemical and cleaning services.

the pest control specialists

Zippco General Maintenance

In the rubbish, dirty surroundings, sewage, drain, kitchen cabinets, and septic tanks are the most common places where one can encounter cockroaches. It can be a carrier of multitudes of bacteria and viruses. We long life cycles and over time evolution makes them hard to get rid of. Bedbugs live of us! They travel places via luggage and beddings while can hide in cracks and crevices and during the night can come out and feast on human blood. Mites, on the other hand, live, breed, and multiplies on people and animals if proper care is given to a healthy living lifestyle. No. pesticides are utilized for the termination of such pests. ZippcoGM uses top-tier products to ensure the safety and healthy lifestyle of its clients.

the pest control specialists

Zippco General Maintenance

The blood-sucking flying insects pierce finely into living’s skin and at first, injects loads of harmful diseases and causes swelling. The life cycle for flies in becoming a fully grown adult is short about 4 to 5 days. It can then reproduce, they can land on waste food, feces, or animals thus becoming a potential carrier for germs and bacteria. Hepatitis A viral infection is also caused by flies along with bacterial diseases such as trachoma, shigellosis, etc. ZippcoGM advises sealing the food in air-tight containers, proper disposal of wastes, and healthy cleaning practices. Mosquitos on the other hand usually carry fewer diseases but breed rapidly. Diseases such as the Ross River virus Murray Valley and Barmah Forest virus are caused by mosquito infestation in the locality. In recent years dengue fever caused by mosquitos living in clean water open containers also caught media attention as it resulted in the number of deaths in Asian countries such as Pakistan and India. The water-carrying compounds must be sealed with lids and still, water should be treated with appropriate chemicals such as chlorine-based product used in swimming pool cleaning.