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mattress cleaning service Abu Dhabi

Zippco General Maintenance LLC

After six months to a year’s time used mattresses need cleaning. We offer to wash mattress cover which can be replaced too and servicing the mattress in general with pressure rolling machinery and power hose. Proper cleaning and maintenance of mattresses and bedding can help prevent health risks by reducing the number of allergens and dust mites that might cause allergic reactions and general allergic symptoms. It is very important that the mattress is clean and dry as dampness in bedding attracts pests. Mold resulting from spills accidents, and moisture can also be dangerous, it is important to clean the mattress immediately to circumvent the problem and prevent the mattress from loosening its shape. Mattress cleaning service must be done regularly to prevent health risks, protect your investment, and extend the life of your mattress.
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Professional cleaning of mattresses

Zippco General Maintenance LLC

Professional cleaning products range:
Primary treatment with cleaning liquid to remove dust

  • UV treatment Disinfection
  • Dry steam cleaning Vacuum steam cleaning
  • Infrared heating or heat treatment
  • It takes from a few minutes to two hours to dry.

Experts recommend waiting for a little before preparing the bed, as the mattress takes longer to dry and the cleaning solution takes time to dry and evaporate for safe use.

Professional cleaning of mattress is the best solution as Zippco General Maintenance LLC specializes in providing domestic and commercial Mattress Cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.