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Landscaping is the way to transform your house’s front, maintaining and upgrading your gardens or simply increasing the aesthetic appeal of your house. It’s related to the impression of your property to people.

For the time owners or newly developed property the Landscaping Service should be provided by professionals as experimenting with little to no experience might result in unpresentable and costly adventure.

We, at Zippco General Maintenance LLC, provide a team of professionals with much accumulated experience and added customer support team, who will make your experience hassle-free and just the way you envisioned.
The team will coordinate with the homeowner about their plans and budget for the project and suggest the list of options with the provision to upgrade in the future. We assure you the best services in the town.


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General Maintenance Services

ZIPPCO is a general maintenance Abu Dhabi based company. ZIPPCO has been providing services to homes, offices, apartments, villas, and companies across the UAE since its establishment. ZIPPCO believes in TOP Quality affordable service. 

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Professional Services with Care

We, at Zippco General Maintenance LLC, ensure the health and safety of our clients through effective and efficient methods to cleansing. We have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle any concerns related to Corona Virus spread.

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Cleaning and Maintenance Company

We are proud to be one of the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, widely chosen by customers. Zippco General Maintenance LLC provides a hassle-free service by providing a scheduled maintenance.

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The landscaping designs we offer are:

  • The plants and vegetation in color combinations.
  • Flower selection and bordering the other vegetation.
  • High quality grass with two or more types in order to make designs and increase aesthetic appeal.
  • Flower and fruit trees but water and fertilizer needs are to be taken in account.
  • Different types of Fountains and their maintenance.
  • Driveways can be transformed in to multiple options such as extra TV or indoor games lounge when you’re friends are around.
  • Fences with greenery or modern look.
قامت شركة Zippco للصيانة العامة بعمل رائع في الفيلا الخاصة بي. كنت أخطط للقيام بمنطقة السياج والنافورة على مدار العامين الماضيين ولكن لم أتمكن من الحصول على الشركة المناسبة. قدمت Zippcogm اقتباسًا معقولًا جدًا للعمل وكنت سعيدًا لأنني حصلت عليها من أجل عمل أحلامي. نهجهم المهني في العمل لم يترك أي فوضى في المكان. أود أن أوصي بهم لكل من يملك حديقة.
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Villa Owner

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Zippco garden maintenance services LLC

Zippco General Maintenance LLC advices it’s customer to avoid costly projects in the beginning in order to get the taste of it and then moving on to more creative and long lasting impressive projects. We can advise few tips on this matter:

  • Find out how people are experimenting with different ideas in your surroundings.
  • Make sure to follow social media handles to get the idea.
  • Try to go through latest trends and designs in magazines TV or even in your favorite serial.

Consulting a landscaping company in Abu Dhabi such as Zippco would be the final step when you have drawn rough sketch of the idea and we’ll make sure to deliver with full dedication.