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A kitchen is considered by all of us the core of the home. It is the place where food is ready and usually eaten. Therefore, it is significant that it remains hygienic and clean. A kitchen should be maintained properly in control to prevent and dispense with food-conceived infections, and it needs to look great and smell pleasant 24 hours.
Sanitizing your kitchen is one of the most important deep cleaning services being provided by Zippco General Maintenance LLC to our clients. We at ZIPPCO believe that utilizing a sanitizer for kitchen floor tiles is a pleasant method of disposing of all hidden germs and keeping the kitchen smelling fresh.
We make sure that a clean kitchen inspires everybody to keep it clean, while fresh looking countertops, cutting surfaces, clean appliances, kitchen floor tiles, and divider tiles make you want to cook a fresh meal, sweets, and snacks that you can sit back and enjoy with your families or companions!


Our utmost priority is to keep your kitchen clean and give well maintained fresh look and increase the well-being of your families.
We offer complete deep kitchen cleaning services, and our expert team will do the following steps;
• Structural deep cleaning including roofs, walls, floors
• Equipment deep cleaning, it includes cookers, fryers, Bain Maries, burners, grills, coolers, freezers, etc.
• Worktop and storage profound cleaning, it includes worktops, racking, and trolleys
• Extraction deep cleaning, includes canopies, filters, ducting, extractor fans
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