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zippcogm floor cleaning
zippcogm floor cleaning

floor and carpet cleaning services

We have a solution for all types of floors such as tiled, bricked, or carpeted cleaning. Our team will use chemical-based treatment and in the case of carpet, we’ll clean by removing and then reinstall the carpeting on the floor. Zippco General Maintenance LLC will use various methods to get the job done. These include mopping, scrubbing, buffing, burnishing, scarifying, and spray maintenance.

ZippcoGM Mopping

MOPPING: The Team will mop the floor with a wet mop or chemically treated dust. The mop head has various natural or synthetic fibers (mop type). The new mop head is soaked in water for 1 hour before applying, and the head is rotated to clean and dry after each application.

zippcogm SCRUBBING

SCRUBBING: For this method the team will use a hard brush or a mat on the rotating scrubber and applied to the floor. The brush or the scrubber is applied in a circular motion to remove the dirt or stains from the surface.

BURNISHING: This new type of floor cleaning method is similar to polishing, however it is a dry method where any kind of polish or spray is not used. In addition, the rotating head of the floor cleaner is set to rotate faster for polishing. In the case of cleaning the pre-polished surface, it will involve removing the surface of the polished layer making it ready for chemical treatment.

ZippcoGM Polishing

POLISHING: This method is generally performed after scrubbing or burnishing. Polishing includes spraying special chemical-based liquid on the floor and then polishing the floor with a rotary brush via an electric motor machine. The team will prep the floor first before applying the rotary cleaner. The machine can spray polishing liquid and polish the floor at the same time.

marble polishing 7

BUFFING: Since the tip of the bristles of the brush effectively smoothens the surface, the floor will have a high gloss. If the surface has been coated with polish, it will involve generating localized heat to harden the wax and resin. The team will secure the area and hand buff or machine buff the surface to restore the shine.

ZippcoGM scarifying

SCARIFYING: This method is usually applied to hard or concrete surfaces. The team will use a wire brush to remove the top surface hardened soil under the action of the chisel of the system. The scarifying machine is a better choice in terms of efficiency. This method is best applied in the start to remove hard stains or dirt from the floor.

SPRAY CLEANING: This method is applicable in the maintenance of floors with polished or semi-polished surfaces. The team will use pressurized pray gun to bring additional shine to the floor. Same method can be used to spray disinfection solutions to the floor as well.