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In the wake of Covid-19, sanitization and disinfection services have become the main concern for not only health professionals but also for the everyday worker. The process of cleaning and sanitization should be the utmost priority of all residential and commercial building owners. And since the rise of the Pandemic it is suggested that this process should be done by professionals.

Type of Disinfectants used by Zippco General Maintenance

A solution of chemical is applied on living or non-living surfaces in order to clean the surface from microorganisms such as corona virus, fungus and bacterial infections. As disinfectants are used on a large scale, it is necessary for it to be non-corrosive and economical with a pleasant odor, preventing it from raising any health issues for humans or animals.

  • Air Disinfectants: It can be sprayed through pump or in aerosol form. The common chemicals used are propylene glycol and tri-ethylene glycol. The application of this method range from disinfecting high ceiling walls to getting operation theatre ready for the procedure.
  • Cleaning Alcohols: It’s a surface type, applied to clear surfaces from microorganisms. Ethanol and isopropanol being inflatable and quicker to evaporate but efficiency can be increased when mixed with dodecanoic acids. It broadens the range of killing bacteria, fungal cells and viruses.

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ZIPPCOGM is a general maintenance Abu Dhabi based company. ZIPPCOGM has been providing services to homes, offices, apartments, villas, and companies across the UAE since its establishment. ZIPPCOGM believes in TOP Quality affordable service. 

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We, at Zippco General Maintenance, ensure the health and safety of our clients through effective and efficient methods to cleansing. We have taken necessary precautions and proactive steps to tackle any concerns related to Corona Virus spread.

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We are proud to be one of the best cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, widely chosen by customers. Zippco General Maintenance provides a hassle-free service by providing a scheduled maintenance.

  • Phenols:  Widely used in household applications, available in liquid and tablets. It’s corrosive in nature and can cause irritation to sensitive skins so it has to be diluted as alcohols and require careful handling. Thymol, Chloroxylenol are broad spectrum disinfectants as well as the antiseptics, amyl meta cresol tablet is used for disinfecting throat.
  • Oxidizing agents: It works in such a way that it causes oxidation of cell membrane of microorganism resulting in lysis of the cells. Hydrogen peroxide disinfect living tissues; while it has toxic effects on eyes and skin special care should be taken while application. The water borne diseases are dealt with chlorine dioxide and chloramines.
  • Sterilization is the process solely done by the professionals. It kills the all microorganisms including which aren’t harmful. Several methods are applied such as:
    • Pressurized steam (autoclaving)
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Gas Ethylene oxide (ETO) gas ionizing radiation (typically used for medical equipment)
    • Dry heat cabinets (for medical instruments)
    • Infrared radiation
    • Advanced filtration
Air Disinfectants
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Zippco General Maintenance

ZippcoGM uses top-tier products in the market to ensure healthy and safe environments for its clientele. Normally a cleaned surface is treated with chemicals, radiation, or filtration as per requirement. The selection of treatment depends on the presence of organic or inorganic substances, type, and level of microbial contamination, the time under which germs have stayed, and finally the physical geometry of the surface and its intrinsic material properties.

Our goal is to professionally clean everything. We respect the client’s privacy and concerns about quality of work. After fulfilling the order we make sure to handover the vicinity in the presentable and livable way. Be assured Zippco General Maintenance will provide the best sanitization and disinfection services.