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We could say that this process is much more effective because before being carried out, the environment or object had to undergo cleaning and disinfection. In this way, it can be affirmed that after sterilization, at most one single microorganism will be found among approximately one million. Therefore, you need to get the best Disinfection Sterilization Services Abu Dhabi.

* FACT: Sterilization causes irreversible effects. Once the microorganisms have been eliminated, there will be no chance of their reappearance.

There are many ways to do this procedure. The most used are those of humid heat (pressure and saturated steam), dry heat (ovens), gamma rays (ionizing radiation), and chemical products.

As we mentioned in the beginning. The three concepts can be very similar. But, they handle a different definition and application methods. Now yes, the next time you hire a sanitation company you will specify well if what you need is a cleaning, disinfection, or sterilization of environments.

Physical methods of Disinfection sterilization In Abu Dhabi

These methods are very effective and cheaper than chemical ones. Next, we will review the most popular:

Dry heat In Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi thermal process used to burns the microorganisms. To understand us, it is quite similar to baking. There are different ways to put it into practice, but the most common are incineration, flaming (exposing the object to a flame), and Pasteur oven. The latter is based on oxidation and needs to be at 160ºC to be effective.

Along these lines, it must be borne in mind that the dry heat method requires higher temperatures than the humid heat that we will analyze below. Also, the exposure process to achieve sterilization must be longer.

This option is very interesting because it causes oxidation and disorganization processes in microorganisms that are completely irreversible. Regarding the conservation of instruments or materials, only metallic ones can be negatively affected by this process.

Chemical sterilization methods

These methods use lethal substances for microorganisms. The most common sterilization processes are as follows:

Hydrogen peroxide

This method uses a gas plasma technology that requires neither high temperatures nor subsequent aeration. It should take 55 minutes for the material to be free of toxic residues. Of course, it must be dry before introducing it into the camera.

Sterilization with glutaraldehyde

It is based on a 2% alkaline solution into which the material must be introduced. Also, it is very effective on glass, rubber, and plastic. Highly recommended to wash afterward with boiled water because it has toxic components.

Ethylene oxide

This flammable gas widely used in hospitals and pharmaceutical products and instruments. It is a very slow process, but with great results. Its success is based on penetrating heat-sensitive materials that are porous or difficult to access. Usually carried out between 25 and 60 degrees and it must be taken into account that it is toxic and can be dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions and used exclusively by professionals. All professional Disinfection Sterilization Services Abu Dhabi providers follows all safety measures.

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