Commercial and Post Construction Cleaning Services
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Commercial and Post Construction Cleaning Services

Building or remodeling a business place for yourself might end with chaos. It may not be the responsibility of contractors to clean up. Building typically leaves large quantities of dust and waste behind it. At every step of the completion of the project, waste piles. If this is not dealt with immediately, it can get on with you rapidly and deal with it overwhelmingly. The unsuccessful items left behind might be confusing to cope with. Most of the business owner’s concerns should concentrate on launching their firm after construction. For both staff and consumers, you should be able to create a safe workplace. Commercial cleaning is provided in this area after construction.

We will provide a comprehensive and effective clean-up of dust and waste from your premises with our commercial post-construction cleaning. For any sort of business premises, we can accommodate tasks of all sizes. Shops, warehouses, and offices, for instance. We think that careful post-construction business cleaning is necessary for the health of everyone who is regarded to be input there. It also helps you to use all the area of your business property that is accessible. We tidy up the interior after building. Examples are vacuum tapestries, clean hard surfaces, and details of surviving surfaces and devices. We assist in the removal of various garbage, timber, and garbage left behind in order to clean up our outside post-construction. We may also wash exterior areas and wash up minor dirt.

Reasons for Hiring a Commercial post construction cleaning service

The many elements to consider when you are planning a building project of any magnitude are stunning. Plan and design are needed. Qualified experts are identified for the job. All the required permissions are obtained, the real building services are monitored and the unavoidable issues are planned. Few thinks about cleaning up when the task is done, and there is a lot more to do than simply collect all the tools and wood.

Four reasons why hiring a professional business to clean up after a building job is sensible:

Safe for everyone:

For everybody concerned, it’s safer. There is an enormous quantity of waste left behind by a building job. Scar berry, clashes, broken glass, wire, and other remaining bits of construction debris wait for your feet or arms to touch. Not only does a professional team have expertise cleaning a building, but they also have superior tools than a broom and dustpan.

Save money:

Everyone wants to complete construction and refurbishment as fast as feasible. Freedom from noise and clutter and access to the lovely new place might obsess us with the work. But too much waste might imply that we wait unnecessarily for additional weeks to be able to use the room. Leasing a professional with flexible scheduling means you can be totally clean after your building is finished. They will have all the facilities and capabilities to secure and enjoy your new place, ASAP.

Dust is Harmful:

Remains of dirt and dust will not only destroy the aesthetic of your refurbishment but will also let you cough. Make sure that the place is healthy and habitable before applauding a job well done. We’re going to wipe all surfs, including areas hard to reach, so you don’t get your furniture and décor into dust. Until completely cleaned, you can’t even realize how much dread is on your walls and windows. This is not just an aesthetic matter, but also a clean, secure area. Grime remaining may be dangerous and hard to recognize. Make sure your new place is the safe and lovely aesthetic you have dreamed of. Employ specialists to look after additional grain and trash.

The remaining debris is held accountable:

You may be shocked to see what lies beyond a building site. The environment might be littered with all sorts of items and debris, abandoned to you. These articles vary from drywall and tiles to wood and paint, not to mention the dust. This type of waste, however, cannot be stored safely and cannot be disposed of. Many towns have particular restrictions and guidelines on how to dispose of various sorts of garbage. Skip the time-consuming driving process to specific equipment. You can prevent the mess and any possible fines that might result in incorrect disposal by working with the professional cleaning staff.

A reliable and professional commercial cleaning service:

With so much time, money and work put into the reorganization and development of your new bureau or residential property, we’re sure you want your final show to be clean and attractive. Do not move in until commercial and post construction clean-up is provided by Zippco General Maintenance cleaning services. Your new office or building is of extreme significance, and the inside and the outside look clean, smell fresh and inspire a feeling of pride among the new inhabitants with the ZippcoGM post-construction cleanup.

The “ZippcoGM Cleaning Services” are used by contractors in Abu Dhabi to eliminate the contaminations, pollution, and scraps left behind by construction teams after construction has been cleaned. So, you may go back to business, we are efficient. Your new offices are ready to take over once we are done!

The following and much more are included in our post construction cleaning and cleaning services:

  • Wash all floors
  • Depilatory pipes, winds, light fittings, etc. for high dust removal
  • Thin all surfaces, including trimming works and furnishings for office use, removing, washing, and vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning of all wooden closets, armoires, and doors
  • Inside desks and cabinets are cleaned
  • To make them ready to use, complete sanitization of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Floor and tile scrubbing, polishing, wiping, and much more stuff
  • Clean, wax, buff, crystallize, restore, and polish Board
  • Windows and Fenster Frames Cleaning
  • Cleaning of windows and glass including scraping and removal of paint
Zippco GM commercial and post construction cleaning services in Abu Dhabi:

In all elements of commercial and post construction cleaning, Zippco General Maintenance is specialized. Our qualified crew has experience in managing any size building clean-up job. ZippcoGM may help to eliminate dirt, dust, and waste left by construction firms. Special procedures are required to ensure that your dust does not return after the clean-up.

ZippcoGM Cleaning Service includes: complete vacuuming of all dust-free surfaces; All windows are cleaned; Remove from the window all paint/stickers; All windows, and frames are cleaned; Clean all surrounding bathrooms and, toilets and sinks; Doors clean, and frames clean; vacuum or wash floors; carpeted areas clean steam, if necessary; Toilet and any other places requested. No matter the size, our employees can work anywhere. We offer outstanding standards and effectiveness to our customers.

Building Maintenance Services
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Building Maintenance Services

Building Maintenance Services

Depending on the type of business or organization, building maintenance might entail a wide range of activities. It entails a lot of “behind the scenes” effort to keep a facility or building running smoothly and comfortably for its users. Cleaning common spaces, collecting garbage regularly, and replacing damaged things are all part of building care. Electronic components, heating, and air conditioning systems, and other utility services may be inspected, repaired, and maintained.

A building may soon become an uncomfortable atmosphere for residing without routine maintenance services, which is why maintenance specialists are so important. We’ll dissolve everything you need to know about building maintenance, whether you want to be a maintenance specialist one day or just want to learn more about it. Building maintenance is vital because it protects the safety and security of everybody who lives or works in the building. Effective maintenance work may save residents money in the long term and contribute to enhanced value of the property from a commercial viewpoint.

Types of building maintenance service:

Building maintenance can sometimes involve sprinkler management, grass care, landscape management, and inside upkeep. Building maintenance personnel come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Workers are usually split into groups based on their level of expertise and duties.

Janitor: A janitor is a person who is in charge of cleaning a building or institution. Mopping floors, vacuuming floors, scrubbing floors, and washing windows and large windows are all part of this process.

Maintenance Technician: Maintains and fixes building systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing regularly.

Maintenance Supervisor: In charge of the entire building maintenance schedule and distribution of duties. Maintenance supervisors are also in charge of personnel management, including recruiting and performance evaluations.

Maintain a safe environment

A structure that isn’t well-maintained might be hazardous to individuals who work or live there. Regular maintenance helps to prevent dangerous situations, whether it’s peeling paint, an uneven path, or inadequate air circulation. Maintaining these rules and following basic safety maintenance procedures regularly will help avoid significant health problems and dangerous work and living environments.

Building maintenance is an instance

A building maintenance department is in charge of all the equipment, maintenance, and day-to-day activities that keep a facility functioning. Other company employees frequently take the repair team’s efforts for disdain. They just ask that the building be cleaned regularly, that the snow be moved in the winter, and that the central air-conditioning be turned on in the summertime. One example of a firm with varied demands is an apartment building. Management is responsible for maintaining the property’s grass and landscaping, as well as cleaning and fixing apartments as tenants move in and out. With electronics repair requests or pest control issues, residents submit work orders. Cleaning is also required in public spaces.

Spends Less

Another reason why building maintenance services are important is the fact that prevention is more expensive than cure. A major system that requires immediate fixing will be more expensive than routine maintenance. Regular building system maintenance is also easier to budget for than an unpredictably expensive repair or replacement. A maintenance service team can help you not only save money over time but also add to the value of your home. A well-maintained, up-to-code building is more valuable, which means that selling, renting, or leasing spaces can bring in more money.

ZippcoGM building maintenance services:
  1. Plumbing service
  2. Handyman service
  3. Masonry service
  4. Electrical service
  5. AC service
  6. Painting service
  7. Marble polishing service
  8. Gypsum board installation service

Plumbing Service: Zippco General Maintenance Plumbers ensure that your drainage system is installed and functioning properly in both commercial and residential settings. Would you be able to imagine not having access to safe drinking and washing water for a short period of time? Our plumbers are experts in maintaining and repairing your home’s water systems, so you’ll never have to worry.

Handyman Service: A handyman professional inside your building must be someone you can trust. Zippco General Maintenance is punctual and adheres to all agreed-upon dates; they must also pay attention to your demands and communicate with you in an open and honest manner. These characteristics might help you trust our handymen while also displaying expert leadership abilities.

Masonry service: Zippco General Maintenance provides highly trained craftsmen as well as a master masonry builder. We offer brickwork contracting services in the private, institutional, and mechanical sectors, ranging from simple repairs to large-scale projects. We take pride in being the most dependable masonry contracting company in Abu Dhabi. We have the experience that gives us an advantage over the competitors in our field.

Electrical service: Maintaining and servicing electric equipment with the help of trained and experienced specialists like Zippco General Maintenance, which offers electrical services in Abu Dhabi, is preferred. Electrical services are essential for electric installation and maintenance. ZippcoGM offers skilled electricians for all sorts of electrical work in both home and commercial settings. A good service may aid in the proper installation and maintenance of equipment.

AC service: Zippco General Maintenance provides a wide range of services, including new air conditioning installation, used air conditioning installation, AC gas filling services, AC un-installation, AC pipe services, electrical control setup, filter replacement and cleaning, compressor cleaning, and duct cleaning. With highly skilled personnel, mechanics, and electrical engineers, we focus on the best sourcing. ZippcoGM has the most up-to-date technology and equipment for all sorts of AC operations.

Painting service: If you want to change the look of your property completely or just give it a fresh coat of paint, we can help you do it while staying within your budget. We provide a full range of services, including color consultations, floor, and indoor space protection, crack and hole filling, evenly spread paint, smooth surfaces, wainscoting, door painting, trimming and crown Molding, textural touches to enhance the look, proper cleanup, and well-organized home. It’s only a click away from turning your aspirations become reality. Contact Zippco General Maintenance to receive the best and most cost-effective services. We value both perfection and pleasure. When you come to us, our services will be imprinted in your mind as a sign of perfection, refinement, and cost-effectiveness.

Marble polishing service: ZippcoGM is a top-rated marble polishing service in Abu Dhabi, with a lengthy record of satisfied clients. We never take shortcuts when it comes to our job. We take care of arranging the stone floor in a pleasant manner in order to improve its look. Zippco General Maintenance offers well-equipped machinery and tools with the most up-to-date techniques, as well as skilled and professional staff, to execute marble polishing services.

Gypsum board installation service: Chemical and mechanical properties of gypsum board installation are outstanding. Our specialists’ working style is extremely easy and pleasant, and we are confident that you will enjoy our services and employ us again in the future. Zippco General Maintenance offers gypsum board installation services in Abu Dhabi for both residential and commercial projects. Our specialists will install the gypsum board for you. Prior to application, we guarantee that only high-quality materials are used, as well as contemporary tools and apparatus.

ZippcoGM building maintenance contractors will assist clients in lowering the overall cost of repairs. We handle all of your infrastructure issues and provide janitors to assist you in keeping your building clean and tidy. Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, sweeping, toilet cleaning, and other cleaning services are provided by janitors. Our building maintenance experts also offer remodeling services, which include the construction of new walls and the addition of space to existing homes. They also assist clients with rearranging and relocating sensitive things. Hiring building maintenance contractors is indeed a store for all of your requirements; we provide plumbers, masons, carpenters, and electricians, saving your time and effort in the process. Building maintenance is provided by ZippcoGM in Abu Dhabi.

AC and Deep Cleaning Services
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AC and Deep Cleaning Services

AC and Deep Cleaning Services

A high-quality air conditioner may significantly improve the comfort of your house or office. Air conditioning may make your house or workplace a more enjoyable place to be every year by keeping the area cool on the warmest of summers. It is necessary to keep your air conditioning system clean in order for it to be as effective as possible. Keeping dust, debris, and grime out of filters and other parts of the system will keep it from blocking and keep it running efficiently.

Look no farther than a deep cleaning service from Zippco General Maintenance if you want to be confident that you’re cleaning specialist will truly make things gleam. Deep cleaning is the greatest method to ensure that your home is immaculate from the start and stays that way. Parts of your house, especially kitchens and bathrooms, may acquire layers of filth, oil, and grime that normal cleaning can’t remove. Because the following extras are automatically included when you order a thorough cleaning service, you can take care of all those neglected areas: inside cabinets, inside the fridge, and inside the oven. ZippcoGM links you with the top deep house cleaning experts in your region.

AC cleaning services

The interior and exterior elements of your air conditioner begin to gather dirt over time. The ability of the air conditioner to perform properly is hampered by these pollutants. Gradually, the performance degrades as the power usage rises. Deep cleaning your air conditioner removes accumulated dust and dirt, allowing it to function at its best. Every 6 to 12 months, we recommend scheduling an AC deep cleaning service for your system. Please keep in mind that AC thorough cleaning is a routine service for keeping your air conditioner in good working order and extending its lifespan. This service should not be used to resolve any difficulties or problems with your equipment that you may already be experiencing.

Our AC deep cleaning service involves comprehensive cleaning of the air tubes and all components in the duct with specialist equipment such as vacuums and blowers, as well as total cleaning of the interior parts and coil with a water pressure machine and aluminum cleaning chemicals. Cleaning the air conditioner and coils ensures that the entire system is in good operating order. Nothing is to blame for the inefficiency. Inefficient air conditioning might raise your cost, and therefore you’re spending. Clean your AC ducts with one of Abu Dhabi’s top ZippcoGM AC duct cleaning services. It could be able to assist you in lowering it. Take advantage of our fantastic services to not only get a spotless ac but also to save money because we have been proved to provide the finest available pricing.

  • Aid in the elimination of health hazards that cause allergies.
  • AC conditioning repair, maintenance, installation, and duct cleaning by professional and qualified AC service firms in Abu Dhabi.
  • Dust, dangerous germs, and airway cleansing are all thoroughly examined.
  • Filters, grills, and vents are cleaned and sanitized, and dirt, debris, and contaminants are removed. Business and contract discounts are available.
  • For a quote, please call or chat with us.
Deep cleaning services

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is essential. It’s not like you can only clean your house once a year in the spring or for events and gatherings. A spotless home can project a gleaming picture to visitors, but there’s more to it than making a good first impression. Cleaning has the goal of keeping your family healthy by creating a good atmosphere while keeping microorganisms at home. Deep cleaning your workplace on a regular basis is essential for keeping a sanitary and comfortable workplace environment. Deep cleaning aids in the prevention of infection and virus transmission, as well as the reduction of debris and dirt. Employees will be more motivated and excited to come to work if their workplace is clean, especially if there has been a problem with disease or pests.

Every recurrent service from ZippcoGM starts with deep cleaning of the home or business. During the first cleaning, special attention is paid to those places that are frequently overlooked. Tables, worktops, appliances, seats, dressers, window sills, sink basins, and faucets are all wiped clean in the house and workplace. We take additional time cleaning the bathtub, shower, mirrors, and toilet in the bathroom. We dust all of the light fixtures, picture frames, and baseboards. We next vacuum the furniture before vacuuming and cleaning the floors to complete the task.

We provide professional deep cleaning services. Our deep cleaning crew is dedicated to their job and the best in the industry. Our Deep Cleaning Team can assist you in improving your health by keeping your environment clean and germ-free. Our deep cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and skilled. We’ve been providing outstanding, tailored cleaning services for many years, giving our clients the flexibility and time to do what they want. Every time, we are thorough and consistent. We provide customized house cleaning services based on your needs. We promise client pleasure with our licensed, insured, and bonded team. ZippcoGM operates under the premise that the demands of its clients are of the highest significance.

Reasons for choosing our services:

  • Our highly qualified electricians provide cheap, flexible, and high-quality services to all of our loyal customers.
  • We establish our community through establishing trust.
  • We have a specialized team of deep cleaners that are dedicated to the industry’s highest standards of quality.
  • We understand why our clients are hesitant to use our deep cleaning services. We are a trustworthy and dependable service provider.
  • Every project benefit from our seasoned team’s best practices and industry expertise.
  • We understand why our clients are hesitant to use our deep cleaning services. We are a trustworthy and dependable service provider.
  • ZippcoGM takes pride in the job that we perform. We are happy to say that we have a capable and skilled team of deep cleaning professionals.

Are you seeking an AC Maintenance, deep cleaning, and repair service in Abu Dhabi that is both professional and affordable? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the greatest rates and Abu Dhabi’s best AC Maintenance and Repair service providers. Without any difficulty, you can utilize ZippcoGM to discover the best AC Maintenance providers in Abu Dhabi. We work with reputable service providers to provide a pleasant experience.

We provide the finest options for you whether you need appropriate AC maintenance, deep cleaning a full AC inspection of the condensate drain tray, AC cleaning, Gas Refilling, or AC Assembling at a new site in Abu Dhabi. ZippcoGM offers you a list of reputable and background-checked AC Repairs, Servicing & Maintenance service providers in Abu Dhabi. Our service experts will provide thorough cleaning and repair of your AC at a reasonable price, from examining the outside unit to diffuser cleaning.

By using our proprietary world-safe procedure, the ZippcoGM AC deep cleaning and sanitization approach is regarded as one of the best chemical-free services in the UAE. We are expert ac deep cleaners who offer the best ac duct deep cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Unlike other air conditioning cleaning companies, we cover the entire structure and use safe purification products to remove 99.9% of dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores that can cause allergies and other bacterial infections while also improving the efficiency of your AC system, resulting in lower energy usage. So, go to our website, contact us, and let our experienced specialists “work their magic” and, perhaps, provide you with our best services.

Pest Controlling and Cleaning Services
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Pest Controlling and Cleaning Services

It’s not always true that what’s out of sight is also out of memory. Household pests such as ants, cockroaches, and rats may be more than an annoyance; they can pose a risk to your property and, in some cases, your health. Zippco General Maintenance’s pest control gives you peace of mind by helping to safeguard your property both now and in the future. It is critical to keep pests out of your house throughout the year, regardless of the season. And keeping them out isn’t something you can do once. That’s why our pest control experts provide individualized protection backed by science to keep pests out of your house all year. ZippcoGM’s specialist will search for circumstances that encourage pests, handle present infestations, and end their life cycle to prevent new invasions, using award-winning training and modern technologies. The specialist will be familiar with the categorization and behavior of all major household pests to tailor their solution to termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests.

Pest Control

Zippcogm pest control service
Facts about Bugs
  • Over the course of two months, bed bugs lay 200–500 eggs in groups of 10–50.
  • Before producing eggs, adult females require a blood meal from warm-blooded animals like humans.
  • Eggs are generally buried in cracks and crevices and can be linked to infected furniture, fittings, or soft furnishings in clusters by a transparent material, such as mattress seams, box springs, bed linen, and other objects.
  • The lifespan of an egg to a fully developed adult insect has seven phases and can take anywhere from 45 days to a year.
  • A bedbug’s lifespan can range from 50 days to over a year, depending on the circumstances.


Reasons to control pests

No one likes having bugs in their home, let’s face it. They’re irritating, unsanitary, and, in the worst-case scenario, deadly. However, there is a solution. Pest control specialists that are highly experienced and well-trained are only a phone call away! “Why do I need pest control when I can do it myself?” you might reason. When it comes to pest management, sometimes doing it yourself is the best option, and healthy habits like keeping your house clean and free of food waste will go a long way toward decreasing the impact of bugs. Doing it yourself, on the other hand, will usually only be able to deal with surface-level bugs. Here are six reasons why you should hire a pest control company.

  • DIY is only a concert solution

We’ve seen it all: a few ants, maybe cockroaches, have made their way into your home. You assume going to the store and buying some insect spray will fix the problem, but you’re simply getting rid of bugs on the surface. Even the most diligent homeowners are unable to see the source of bugs. To track the bugs back to their source and remove them, it needs a trained pest controller with years of expertise. When it comes to DIY pest control, be cautious since certain over-the-counter treatments can be harmful if applied wrong. ZippcoGM’s Pest Control specialists are educated in the finest methods for not only eliminating pest issues but also doing it in the safest and least intrusive way possible.

  • Pests can pose a threat to you and your family members (serious health risks)

Although a cockroach or mosquito may appear to be nothing more than a nuisance, these pests may represent a severe threat to your family and home. Many pests may transmit diseases such as the Zika virus, Lyme disease, and the fatal Hantavirus. Rats, ticks, and mosquitos are all dangerous to humans and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Especially in times of the Pandemic you should not take the risk of delaying the termination of such bugs. Since it is difficult to determine for sure whether an insect is a carrier, all bugs should be addressed as a threat. A qualified pest control professional can, not only get rid of the pests, but also prevent them from recurring!

  • Pests can harm your house or possessions in ways that aren’t visible

The majority of bugs that will infiltrate your house are looking for food, and they will utilize whatever methods are necessary to acquire it. Some bugs can practically turn your home into a feast! Termites are notoriously difficult to detect and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your house. Silverfish and carpet beetles will feed on organic fibers in your house, shredding and rendering your linen worthless. Although you may notice signs of these pests before seeing them, ZippcoGM’s Pest specialists can locate the source and eliminate the threat!

  • It will assist you in maintaining a sanitary house

Even if your home is spotless and well-kept, bugs can still find their way inside. Rodents or cockroaches may be attracted to your neighbor’s food waste, and they may come seeking for you next. If these bugs gain access to your food, they can contaminate it completely, making it hazardous to consume. Disease-carrying rats and cockroaches can contaminate not just food, but also the cooking utensils they crawl over to get to it!

  • It has the potential to save your money in the long term

 Taking care of a pest problem now might prevent it from becoming a pest crisis later! While DIY remedies may appear tempting in the near term, the problem may be escalating in locations you cannot see. Termites, for example, may cost thousands of dollars in repairs, so it’s always best to be safe and call ZippcoGM as soon as you see a possible problem, saving yourself dozens, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run.

  • You may rest easy knowing that your house and family are safe

Perhaps the most essential reason for pest treatment is so that you can feel assured that your house is secure. Money can’t purchase the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and house are safe from pests.

The most efficient approach to manage pests is through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In an IPM program, pesticides are only used when absolutely required, and the causes why pests are there in the first place are addressed to help avoid further infestations. Healthcare institutions can prevent insect infestations and lessen the need for pesticides down the road by adopting proactive efforts to limit pest activity.

It’s critical to choose a commercial pest control company that uses integrated pest management (IPM) that is familiar with the particular demands and problems of healthcare institutions, such as local, state, and federal laws and health code compliance. For example, when it comes to serving healthcare partners, ZippcoGM has a lot of expertise with the particular processes and norms that are required. The ZippcoGM IPM software consists of the following components:

  • Inspections of healthcare institutions’ interiors and exteriors
  • Pest identification and activity analysis
  • Treatment of the affected regions and the use of pest control measures
  • Recommendations for reducing and preventing pest activity in the future
  • Treatment efficacy is continually assessed, and appropriate changes are implemented.
  • Actions that healthcare professionals can do to help reduce the likelihood of future infections
Our Pest control services:

ZippcoGM specialists truly understand the technology and have received world-class training as a result of the company’s experience, allowing them to take on any problem in their field of competence. The team creates treatment plans for current pest control after diagnosing the situation. While pest management is carried out after a thorough examination of the surrounding environment and ecosystem:

  • Getting rid of any current infestations in the region
  • Taking care of food waste
  • Water and marshes are treated chemically
We give services for the following:
  • Pest control in the home
  • Pest control for businesses
  • Controlling Termites
  • We also provide customized services based on the needs of our customers

Do not put your healthcare facility’s sanitation at risk. The greatest approach to health and pest control is to take preventative measures. For more information on how to secure your home, your employees, and your facility’s reputation, contact ZippcoGM now.

Home and Office Cleaning Services
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Home and Office Cleaning Services

Home and Office cleaning services

Zippco General Maintenance is your all-in-one service provider for anything from tiny office buildings to corporate offices and other high-traffic facilities, ensuring that your properties are perfectly kept and those contract requirements are met in all aspects of service delivery.

ZippcoGM Social Logo

By Zippco General Maintenance

Zippco General Maintenance offers low-cost cleaning services for both homes and offices. Everyone desires a neat and clean environment in their home or business. No one wants to enter your house or workplace if it is dirty or improperly clean, but if it is attractive, nice, and clean, everyone will want to join you. We can help you bring your house or workplace back to squeaky clean, no matter what degree of cleaning you require. ZippcoGM utilizes the greatest cleaning equipment and solutions to remove all filth from the floors, benches, and sofas, leaving your home or workplace clean and fresh in only a few hours. Our goal is for our clients to be happy in general, and we get a lot of our work through satisfied customers recommending us.

In today’s environment, there is fierce competition for success. As a result, parents are required to work all day. After returning home from work, they are unable to fully participate in all aspects of housekeeping, and it is clear that these individuals require more assistance. They won’t want to return to a filthy, messed-up house. ZippcoGM will help you discover the finest options for your home or business premises on how to sanitize and disinfect the property by using the most efficient and safe chemicals available on the market. Keep your home and business free of viral and bacterial infections both inside and outside your physical location, as well as the psychological certainty and confidence you’ll provide your customers.

Zippco Cleaning Services

Zippcogm Cleaning Services
Our services:


  • Home/Domestic cleaning
  • Office/Corporate cleaning
Home/Domestic cleaning

We all have to face that situation. You’ve sent the kids off at school, gone grocery shopping, and made dinner for tonight. The house is a shambles, but it’s time to go back to work. Juggling all of our obligations in life may be difficult. ZippcoGM, the most reputable house cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, can help with it. With our unique chemical-free procedures, we’ll safeguard your house, family, pets, and the environment.  ZippcoGM offers a unique cleaning service that sets them apart from the competition. All of our cleaners are self-employed. Our consumers benefit from our simplicity and efficiency.

Customers who require their cleaners to work around their hectic schedules may choose from a variety of unique and customized cleaning programs. We provide cleaning services on a daily, biweekly, or monthly basis and Periodic cleans and one-time cleans.

  • Each of our cleaners is an owner of his duty.
  • We only use items that are safe for the environment.
  • Quality control – we’ll always check in with you to make sure you’re happy.
  • Cleaning plans that are tailored to the needs of busy individuals.
  • All of our cleaners are well-vetted and qualified cleaning specialists, according to our requirements.

There’s no such thing as a too-messy issue; we’ve got you covered. You can’t even walk near that 15-year-old stove without coughing. We’ll make it seem brand new once more.

We offer

ZippcoGM experts are educated and competent specialists that provide a complete clean every time. They are aware of the tricks and procedures that may help them save time and keep the property clean. The time it takes to clean your property may vary depending on the size of your home and what you need to be cleaned. Our services are charged on an hourly basis; therefore, the cost will be determined by your cleaning needs. So, there are no surprises, ZippcoGM delivers a no-obligation-free quote. We’ll go through your cleaning requirements in depth. We can also arrange for any extra services you might want.

Office/Corporate cleaning

Cleaning your office professionally will increase your company’s efficiency! Allow us to handle your professional commercial cleaning so that your office or commercial space is a productive and engaging workplace for your employees. Our cleaners are all industry-trained experts, ensuring that you receive the best office cleaning service. Every time, we arrive on time. To safeguard your employees, property, and the environment, we utilize effective chemical-free solutions and creative ways. Our high-quality standards allow you to focus on maintaining a work environment that is favorable to productive and engaged workers.

ZippcoGM guarantees:

  • All cleaners are verified and are certified.
  • We only use items that are safe for the environment.
  • Make cleaning programs for every type of office that are adjustable and unique.
  • Cleaners who are trustworthy and dependable.
  • From microwave disasters to industrial spills, we’ve got you covered.
  • ZippcoGM can take care of all of your cleaning needs.

Before using alternative chemicals for our cleaning solutions, ZippcoGM employs ecologically safe products wherever feasible. We are ecologically conscious and responsible. All cleaning professionals are background verified, properly trained, and insured, and will present you with an invoice for their services. We can supply you with a free, no-obligation quote for any services you require at a fair fee.

Because of the power of our cleaning specialists, we can rapidly mobilize a team or an individual. We provide a courteous, professional, and stress-free experience from your initial inquiry through the planning and monitoring of a regular service.

A commercial cleaner’s job is to clean, sanities, and improve the appearance of a building, as well as sanities a home. This might range from a general clean and tidy to a deep clean and bio-fog for long-term antibacterial and antiviral protection.

Cleaning services include the following:

  • Cleaning services for the entire house,
  • Cleaning of the bond and the conclusion of the lease,
  • Declutters
  • Cleaning in the Spring
  • Cleanliness in new construction
  • Cleaning the office
  • Cleaning of the strata
  • Biological fogging and sanitization
  • Cleaning from top to bottom
  • Cleaning the windows

Cleaners who are trustworthy and dependable. Let us take care of the rest while you focus on your company. In Abu Dhabi, we are the expert choice for corporate and commercial cleaning. Don’t worry if you’re on a tight schedule; we provide flexibility to all of our customers, which means you can create your own cleaning schedule with us. Whether you want our cleaning services daily, weekly, or monthly, we’re only a phone call away.


Our improved and proactive strategy is allowing us to make progress in every sector. Zippco General Maintenance is always ready to assist you and help you turn your goals into reality. ZippcoGM is a platform of convenience and comfort for its loyal clients, not just a maintenance firm. Our satisfaction is based on your comfort. Cleaning, gardening, and professional employees are all available to come to your home and provide services. The company’s aim is to deliver safe, cutting-edge services at accessible costs, from office buildings to restaurants, cleaning services to construction.

Any project, no matter how big or little, may be handled by ZippcoGM’s expertise. We value quality and dependability, and every job receives the same degree of attention. ZippcoGM is a company that caters to both residential and business requirements. In Abu Dhabi, we provide more than 30 world-class services. If you want to engage a ZippcoGM Professional for your project, you may get more information on our website by clicking on the selected service and requesting a quotation through phone, email, or online. For our loyal customers, we are available for a free on-site quotation.

Cleaning Services with new Technology
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Cleaning Services with new Technology

Cleaning Services with new Technology

Zippco General Maintenance is your all-in-one service provider for anything from tiny office buildings to corporate offices and other high-traffic facilities, ensuring that your properties are perfectly kept and those contract requirements are met in all aspects of service delivery.

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We are faced with the reality that different surfaces, we come into regular contact with, may carry bacterial cells, from clothes stores to hotels to transit officials to cleaning our own houses. During the COVID-19 epidemic, demand for domestic cleaning goods has soared. Many companies have focused on stricter, more thorough cleaning methods to keep both staff and the broader public clean. Although most businesses do not accept returns, this does not prevent particles from spreading owing to objects we touch while browsing or going about our daily lives. It has not only raised awareness of proper methods for cleaning public areas but has also sparked a search for more efficient alternatives.

Calm, clean minds and healthy bodies require a neat and orderly environment. With the advancement of technology, the act of creating this type of place is becoming almost as therapeutic as getting it. Industrial cleaning machines complete tasks of such a high quality and with such ease that they may be a joy to watch. Chemical firms should also be assisting us in providing more efficient and productive cleaning services. Manufacturers are coordinating their product mix to help address difficulties in certain markets, such as restaurant cleaning, as well as to tackle problems cleaning specific locations, such as shower or locker rooms.

All of these developments will enable you to expand into new areas and provide better service to your current clients. Our improved and proactive strategy is allowing us to move forwards in every sector. ZIPPCO General Maintenance is always ready to assist you and help you turn your visions into action. ZIPPCOGM is a platform of convenience and comfort for its loyal clients, not just a maintenance firm. Our satisfaction is based on your comfort.

Innovation in cleaning services

Using modern technologies to improve our cleaning efficiency:

Today’s cleaning service improvements are mostly driven by technological advancements. While most businesses have relied on technology for years, cleaning companies have just lately begun to do so. Data-driven solutions based on the Internet of Things are one of the hottest innovations in cleaning technology which we use. They can give management real-time information on the condition of soap, paper, and towel dispensers, and that’s only the beginning. Issues with supply and sanitary requirements are addressed using a dashboard that displays all data in real-time.

Smart tools have a lot of promise for janitorial firms since they may speed up procedures, simplify operations, and free up staff time for more essential duties that need physical labor. Smart touch-free dispensers that check hygiene compliance and innovative toilet paper technologies, such as the Biologic Active Tissue Paper, which keeps waste products from clogging pipe systems, are among the smart tech options for the cleaning sector. There’s also the Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pad, which cleans and shines your floors in one step. It may be used on both coated and uncoated floors, and it gradually improves the shine off the floor with each usage.

Using software to increase the efficiency of our cleaning company:

Even for seasoned cleaning service operators, organizing day-to-day operations may be a challenge. Maintaining order in a firm with numerous components to handle, such as progress monitoring, lead generating, and client paying may be a genuine problem. The good news is that a variety of software solutions are designed specifically for these tasks, allowing us to manage our obligations with far less effort. There are a variety of tools available to assist our master company management, from cost reductions to increased productivity and beyond. 

Committed to trash management:

Cleaning services produce waste as an inevitable byproduct. Getting rid of garbage isn’t enough for a lot of firms. They’re also searching for safer and more efficient ways to remove garbage from their offices and plants, as well as strategies to minimize the amount of waste they produce in the first place. According to the World Bank, North America created 289 million tons of trash in 2016. By 2050, the quantity is expected to rise to slightly under 400 million tons. Industries searching for safe and effective waste management services that may help them regulate — and perhaps reuse — their trash can look forward to cleaning firms.

With every visit to your business or home, Zippco GM is devoted to conducting a complete clean. Our expert house cleaning service uses cutting-edge cleaning technologies to guarantee dirt-free, germ-free, and dust-free outcomes. Our cutting-edge cleaning methods make your house immaculate while remaining safe, non-toxic, and gentle enough for all members of your family, including newborns and pets. 

MR Shield is used for disinfecting:

Our cleaners only utilize the cutting-edge MR Shield disinfection technology. This high-tech, whole-house cleaning system removes 99.99 percent of viruses and germs while neutralizing unpleasant smells. MR Shield can even handle normally difficult-to-clean materials like textiles and keyboards thanks to its innovative misting technique. You may be certain that this sophisticated system is the finest solution for your house because it has received the highest safety grade from the EPA.

ProTeam HEPA vacuums provide air filtering:

Our house cleaning service at Zippco GM goes beyond just cleaning the sharp edges in your home. We also examine the quality of the air you breathe indoors. Airborne particles and hazardous pollutants are removed from your house by our ProTeam HEPA filtration vacuums. Your family will be inhaling cleaner, healthier air thanks to this high-tech technology.

Microfiber technology creates a refined sheen:

Cleaning cloths that have been used in the past simply do not satisfy our professional house cleaning service requirements. Microfiber removes virtually all bacteria, germs, and dirt, whereas traditional cloths only decrease bacteria by 33%. That’s why, to give your house a polished sheen, we use microfiber technology in our usable products and cleaning wipes. You won’t have to worry about inter in your home because we use a color-coded system for our microfiber cloths.

Reduction of chemicals and water:

Manufacturers are improving chemical dilution systems and ultra-concentrated goods to decrease waste and ensure precise measurement in response to health and environmental concerns. Low-moisture methods are used in the newest carpet, fabric, and hard flooring cleaning systems, and numerous businesses have spent millions of dollars perfecting low-flush toilets and waterless urinals.


The cleaning business has a lot of promise with nanotechnology. Surface coatings and chemicals can be enhanced to the point where they become a part of the surfaces.


All aspects of controlling the cleaning operation are automated in more modern organizations. Quality and cost control, scheduling, staffing, timekeeping, inventory control, and bidding and estimating are all common automated tasks. Vehicles and individual employees will be tracked using a global positioning system and other position/time monitoring systems in the future.


We are expected to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to better service our clients. Smartphones, as well as e-mail and texting, are already standard operating practices in most businesses. The beeper, fax, and simple “old” cell phone have been replaced with mobile web access, voice, and video communications.

AI might be a fantastic choice for cleaning service firms wanting to save expenses and enhance productivity. Cleaning company software may now provide numerous cleaning procedures with minimum human involvement thanks to AI technologies. As a result, there will be a little mistake and maximum efficiency! While Roomba is the most excellently brand of household autonomous vacuum, industrial-grade autonomous vacuum cleaners are also available. They work similarly, but with more power. These devices can calculate the size of the cleaning area, identify barriers, and recall the optimal paths to take in their workplace environment.

Whether you’re at work or home, life can get messy. Foot traffic and product manufacturing in a commercial setting can result in industrial-sized messes. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services have the staff and resources to take on even the most difficult projects. You can discover a commercial cleaning service that eases the strain of maintaining your business in good shape if you do your study and take the time to acquire a few quotations.